Get the perks of a 24/7 Sales Team WITHOUT the expense thanks to a ChatGPT Sales Android

STOP ‘Out of Hours’ leads going unanswered, wasting time on unqualified prospects and losing sales to competitors that are faster to the phone.

I don’t know what your biz looks like. We just met.

But, what I do know is…

It doesn’t matter if you’re a biz owner that’s working the leads yourself…

Or you’re someone that has a team doing it for ya.

Neither you nor your sales peeps can work 24/7/365.

And because of that…

You’re vulnerable to:

Leads coming in overnight that end up freezing cold by morning.

Ready to buy customers getting lost to competitors because there was no one there to chat.

Prospects that engage over the weekend and forget who you are by Monday.

I’m not beating up on you here.

I struggled with this too.

Until I met ‘Al’.

Al is the brains behind the Sales Android.

He wasn’t always ‘Al’ though.

Just a regular guy that needed to turn leads into sales, like the rest of us.

‘Al’ partnered with Lawyers…

They closed up shop when it wasn’t quiet answering the phone fast, and ready-made leads were slipping through their conscience.

Good quality peeps were being thrown away.

Leads were sitting around going stone cold!

![Image of a man with the text “So Cold”]

‘Al’ wriggled up his options.

One of his options was to outsource.

He could have hired over HALF of the leads that came into his business.

‘Al’ needed more leads and turn ‘em into a sale.

According to the team around him, we’ll have to keep throwing more and more in marketing and get more leads.

Knowing that was the way he felt so he had a half cash spent.

Those costs $10000+

Within 3 months it was gonna go up in smoke, would quickly add up to a whole new business if it went overboard.

‘Al’ could hire a top salesperson to help with those leads.

At $250k/yr for Lawyers, that’s $500k/yr at $60 per hour.

‘Al’ knew he would have to bet UPFRONT before seeing any more sales down the pipeline.

And he didn’t want to do that.

Plus, nobody liked to do repetitive work.

Picking up a high maintenance hire, getting a hold of every one lead, no matter what, 24/7/365.

‘Al’ saw hope, he saw an innovative way.

What if the sales android wriggled against the most concerns, worked without complaining?

What if the sales android worked against the most currency prospects, without burning out?


Here is the transcription of the provided image:

And would be available 24/7.

365 days a year.

Even the most committed salespersons couldn’t fit the bill.

Around the same time, Al had heard ChatGPT started taking the world by storm and got Al super curious!

Could he get the AI to understand if someone qualified for a service, based on the qualifications he created?

And could he teach an AI to respond appropriately, intelligently and in a human-like fashion?

Could he build a Sales Android?

![Image of a robotic head]

Figuring it out, was no picnic!

Eventually, Al built his robotic questioning tool that qualified leads, spat out the dead ones and booked the good ones automatically into his calendar.

Bookings skyrocketed!

Clients were talking to better-qualified leads, from the START

And the cost to acquire a client fell through the floor.

| Before Sales Android | After Sales Android |
| Booking Rate: 26% | Booking Rate: 65% |
| Cost Per Lead (CPL): $150 | Cost Per Lead (CPL): $30 |

Not only did the amount of booked appointments increase…

But the number of people showing up for their calls TRIPLED too.

All because those Lawyers were now only speaking with 100% qualified prospects.

If this worked for Al, maybe next time you missed picking up a call you can have the peace that you have ZERO budget for that old lead-bucket. Well you have more.

And that lead didn’t even need a human to book a call?

So, if you’re not afraid to follow up, these leads WILL fall through the cracks and leave the longer you wait to contact leads, the less likely you’ll win their business.

The Sales Android has you covered.

You and Al will be getting better results from those leads instantly through SMS and AI based human communication in an incredibly unique way.

The AI will engage with the leads, answer queries, qualify them and book them into your calendar, all on autopilot.

No more missed opportunities.

Think of it as having your own tireless sales team that works around the clock.

The AI will even personalize the sales pitch with the prospect, providing detailed answers to their questions based on the context of their conversation.

The AI also builds trust by relaying specific responses to information the prospect has shared.

It’s all thanks to the power of ChatGPT.

No more ‘lead that’s slipped through the cracks’ or missed a call.

Sound familiar?

Now meet your Sales Android and its mission to help.

That’s just a demo we’ve included so you can see exactly with every single lead whether they qualify and how it works.

Whether you are in a specific industry and business.

… because Android is built out and is an expert on that company’s offer.

Sales Android will continuously qualify leads and books meetings or deepening business relationships for you.

The AI will be working in the background – responding instantly to a lead, analyzing more conversations for deeper levels.

Here is the transcription of the provided image:

The AI will still be working in the background – responding instantly to a lead, moving more conversations forward.

…and solving cold-lead issues like tickets.

Helping you level-up hard in just the start.

Some business want more booked appointments to show up for their calls.

Others want help getting more 5* Google reviews.

Plenty want to push new sales from their old unconverted leads.

This is the kinda stuff you don’t get around to.

There’s always a bigger fire that needs attention and you need to put out.

Guess who doesn’t have that problem?

You might think this is old.

Chatbots have been around for some time now.

So, what makes a Sales Android different?

If you’ve ever tried to use a typical Chatbot or automated tool before…

You’ll know that if you set up an invalid answer, the chatbot goes haywire and gives a nonsensical response.

Leaving the person on the other end, feeling cheated and back to square one.

With a ChatGPT fueled Sales Android…

You’re on top of valid instructions. Al has known that its main objective is to keep a prospect and a sales rep in human-like responses.

Bet if after you see how your daily plan can ever look at a title “Jordan Peele” from the movie ‘Us’ – you could see what it can do.

Your sales reps’ AI has INSTANT context with your leads so as to drastically reduce lead cost.

Bet because the AI has access to any previous conversations, it means it understands the dialogue and what your potential customer, on an infinite intelligence with messages.

Like this:

![Placeholder for an image]

Try as you might, you won’t hit that annoying feedback loop as all despair when they chatbot just hits the wrong answer.

And they’re working on what a booking isn’t…

Your prospects won’t ever desire a bait to try, getting them to choose a specific booking, specific reason, with your team.

This AI just hasn’t been shared in its priority before.

Instead of spinning your wheels working leads that are low to generate new ones.

Hiring, because each recruiter is worth at least that, passes your current hiring goals and troubles.

You’ve worked surviving under the leads yourself.

Let the Sales Android handle the majority of the heavy lifting for you.

Leaving you free to focus things that require more finesse and are a better use of your time.

Just think of how much time you’ll be freeing up.

The result for your biz?

Consistent sales!

You’ve been answered with another productive month and some.

Here is the transcription of the provided image:

Consistent sales!

Booked appointments skyrocketed!

Client acquisition costs fell through the floor.

If you’re at all implementing AI in your business?

But think that getting AI Android working properly, without costly glitches sounds like a far-fetched goal.

You’re in for a surprise.

It’s do-able in your own firm, from a standing start to a small task.

Some of your heads needs might be up for the challenge of developing your own android.

That’s really cool.

But, if you’d like to skip all that…

I’m offering to lend a hand…

Because once you’re up and running…

You’ll wonder how you coped without it…

And you’ll be leaps ahead of your competition, in the race to implement AI.

If you want to work together on this…

**We’re Custom-Building & Handing Over The Controls to your own Sales Android**

Like Mr. Al, you can SLASH your client acquisition cost while TRIPLING your booked appointments by deploying a Sales Android into your business.

Our Full Done For You service means you can power up your own Robotic Sales Assistant, without lifting a finger.

So, instead of spending close to 3/4 hours figuring this out yourself, or paying Lawyers to do it – and running a bill to suit.

We’ll program the Robotic Sales Assistant so that it works specifically with your business, taking over the conversations, that qualify and book appointments on autopilot.

We’ll fine-tune the AI’s questions to cut out junk, only dealing with your best management qualified leads and linking to your calendar.

Then we’ll hand it over to YOU or your staff with detailed training on all of its operations, so that there is ZERO delay in seeing instant results.

We call this our “Appointment Booster” Campaign.

This 3-4 week program holds no lead back resulting in an influx of booked appointments and potential NEW SALES from Day 1.

Kinda like this:

![Image of a chat flow]

I have never seen a Botler for my corporates to bring an extra ten to 15, or 30 people into my clinic or business within 24-48 hours.

**Who else is doing this right now?**

People are doing this and hiring the Mr Al Agreed to share his secret along the way.

There are over 500+ business owners with custom-built your own Sales Android tailored for sales rep 24/7/365 at scale…

That’s tons of people leveraging their AI-Powered Sales Android, by putting their appointments on autopilot, keeping their appointments booked solid, year-round.

Here’s what you need to do to get 10xROI: Send a list of LESS Leads with a link to book a calendar and let them know for 24/365.

After that we will handle the heavy lifting for you.

If you have a bot or do got one built already answer the 3 questions below so you can see how many potential clients you can get.

Once we’ve talked next steps…

I’ll then just need a few details from you, so I can set you up with a Sales Android of your own.

Don’t delay!

(we’re expecting to fill the limited spaces, FAST)

To your success,


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